Hear their experience with the Glendale Chamber:

“I could not be happier with Glendale Chamber of Commerce! The Chamber team truly cares about your business and wants to see you succeed. They give their members every opportunity to succeed. Since joining this Chamber in December of 2016 my business has grown exponentially. I have even ascended to the top 25 producers worldwide in my company. I can definitely attribute a lot my success to the connections and friendships I have made in the Glendale Chamber. I highly recommend joining this Chamber if you want to make amazing business connections and take your business to the next level.”

~Jonell Conn, Javita, Member Since December 2016

“We at BNC National Bank have received great return on our investment in the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. By being active and participating in events we have formed many new quality relationships on both a business and personal level. The Chamber and its staff add value to our business on an ongoing basis.”

~ Scott Spillman, BNC National Bank, Member Since February 2012

“As someone who deals with Chambers all over the state, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce has quickly become the Chamber of Choice. Robert’s legacy in Chamber management along with the cohesion of the Chamber team is palpable. With Glendale’s continued impressive growth, they are by no means a small town. However, the general feeling you have when you attend an event feels like everyone is working together as a community to improve the business climate. Not the same experience other places you go. There are so many events, programs, and committees in which you can get involved to help drive your business. This Chamber is the most reliable source for community information and is the most dependable resource for business referrals. I am proud to be a part of this dynamic Chamber. “

~ Jean Higginbotham, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Member Since November 1997

“Developing relationships with other successful business people is a necessity for prosperity in today’s volatile economy. Actively participating in some of the services/programs that are available with the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, you reap the benefits, which in turn helps you grow your own business. When businesses succeed, so does the municipality that hosts them. This synergy only helps those of us who know the stress and rush of owning a small business. So, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to use the tools that the Chamber has to offer, you’re leaving money on the table.

Between the work that the Chamber does on behalf of its members, the outstanding work ethic of the Glendale Chamber Team, and everyone’s drive to help, I firmly believe that every business owner in Glendale is blessed with such a powerful opportunity afforded by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce is essential to the modern business for prosperity. Within the nearly 3 years I have been active with the Chamber of Commerce, I have grown – not just in numbers, but also in strength – due to the community here. If you aren’t using this and participating as well, then you are missing out on one of the most powerful connections you have access to. I hope to see you in future Chamber Meetings!”

~ Reuben Gonzales, State Farm Insurance, Member Since October 2015

“I used to think of the local Chamber as a place where everyone wore name tags and tried to sell stuff to each other. Everybody talked and no one listened. I joined the Glendale Chamber about a year ago and I can tell you that is not at all the case here. It’s a great, active group of people who enjoy each other’s company and genuinely strive to help each other. It’s a great way to meet local business people and to get connected to the community. And you will just naturally wind up doing some business with each other along the way.”

~Jim Hart, Client Rush Marketing, Member Since May 2017


Are you or your business a member of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce?  If not, have you asked yourself why?  Are common misconceptions preventing you or your business from benefitting?  Chamber membership demonstrates to both those you conduct business with and the community, your belief in a strong and prosperous business environment for all.  Investment in the Glendale Chamber can increase positive perception among your consumers and fellow business owners and leaders. Membership demonstrates your commitment to community and pro-business policies.  Let’s dispel some the most common misconceptions.

1. Membership is Expensive

Chamber membership, in many cases, can be as affordable as a daily cup of coffee. Whether you’re just starting out or have grown your business to include multiple locations with a significant workforce, the Glendale Chamber recognizes the importance of engaging all members of the community and has created membership models that can accommodate everyone.

2. Membership is Limited to the Owner

While many business owners recognize the importance and value of investing in membership, these benefits are not limited to the business owner or just one individual.  Often key employees can be recognized and involved at little to no additional cost.  Benefits such as educational seminars, business networking and discounted goods and services can be utilized by a wide range of your workforce.

3. The Chamber is Boring and Old

Many Chambers are at the forefront of developing programs and services geared specifically toward young entrepreneurs and young business professionals. Young professionals’ groups, business expos, wellness seminars, after-hours and member-appreciation events have a broad appeal to all ages and interests.

4. They’re Part of the City or Big Government

The Glendale Chamber is not a government entity or agency and operates as a not-for-profit organization.  While some Chambers may occasionally receive grants from governmental organizations for specific projects (downtown beautification, etc.), they are not directly linked to government funding.  Most Chambers of Commerce are uniquely situated with contacts in both the private and public sectors allowing them to act as a connector for the community.

5. They Know Nothing About My Business

A Chamber strives to know and understand both its members and the community they serve to best recognize the challenges faced by each.  The Glendale Chamber is actively involved in advocating for the projects, services and regulations that provide for the strongest economic growth and community stability. With a vast array of resources and connections to both business and community leaders, these unique and powerful tools are indispensable to any business.

6. They Have a Narrow Focus

While one of the most important aspects of an active, influential and viable Chamber of Commerce is a strong focus on local business and community, most Chambers are also advocates on the county, state, regional and national level. The Glendale Chamber even works to strengthen relationships between local business people and their counterparts in other countries.  With more connections comes increased knowledge and greater understanding!

Don’t let a misconception keep you or your business from growing and thriving. The Glendale Chamber provides an amazing network of opportunities for business and community leaders, for those focused on strategic partnerships, community engagement and a pro-business agenda.  The Glendale Chamber is always willing to help!  Let us work for you.