Innovating the Surgical Experience

Exclusive Surgeries Solutions (ESS) works for self-insured, self-directed and self-funded companies to pay surgeons directly for their surgical services.

When your Doctor tells you that you may need surgery and that he is writing a referral to a local surgeon, that event can seem overwhelming and daunting. You trust your primary care physician, but is the referral they give you for a surgeon the superior choice for that specific surgery? Or did it just come from a list at their office? What about the infection rate of the location of the surgery? And what about the method of surgery and time in recovery?

How do you choose and know what to do? And what about the overall cost?

Trusting another person to repair a carpal tunnel, provide a knee replacement, or conduct a spine procedure is a major decision. ESS will help guide a patient through the process.

Our surgeons are the preeminent surgeons in their respective disciplines, vetted under 21 points of criteria, and are traditionally out of most major networks. They are established, board-certified and conduct their surgeries at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). These planned elective surgeries are safe to do in an ambulatory surgery center, and the patient can recover from the comfort of his or her home by the end of the day. The staff has a registered nurse (RN) onsite during any surgery, and the infection rate at ASCs nationwide is less than 1 percent. This type of one-on-one care is comparable to a concierge level of service in elective surgery. The providers and staff care for and focus on you the patient, and you will recognize the difference.

The access to this choice group of surgeons through ESS would normally only be reached by a PPO out-of-network arrangement, which maybe cost prohibitive. However, ESS works directly with these surgeons and ASCs to combine all the services in the episode of care into one simple understandable bill. No longer will you be receiving separate bills from every provider, which is better for patient and employer.

Types of elective surgeries could be orthopedic, spine, colonoscopy and many other planned elective surgeries.

The patient always has the choice of which surgeon or provider to see. Also, it is informative to talk over the criteria and expectations prior to a surgery. ESS has taken the time to create a health care model that works for the patient, surgeon and employer. By utilizing our services we can assist self-insured, self-directed and self-funded employers to save over 25-30 percent on planned surgeries compared to traditional services.

To find out more about our company, please visit esurgeries.com. We look forward to connecting you with the health care you deserve.